I am the author of press releases and announcements about research in Astronomy — written as part of my internship in science journalism at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) — and about EU-funded research projects, written as part of my activity as a science communication manager, see the Science Communication section. Some of these press releases are listed below.

Internship at the European Southern Observatory (ESO)

I have been the leading author of the following ESO press and photo releases and announcements.

Press and photo releases:


I have also contributed to the ESO press release announcing the first image ever of the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way galaxy (see here).
Science communication management for EU-funded projects

I have written the following press releases as part of the communication and dissemination activities for European research projects I carried out at ICONS (Italy) and at the youris.com European Research Media Center (Belgium), see the Science communication section.

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