I have contributed to the production of many web videos as part of my internship in science journalism at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and as part of my role as science communication manager for European research projects, see the Science Communication section.

Internship at the European Southern Observatory (ESO)

I am one of the authors of the script of the following explainer. The video explains how the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) works, and how astronomers managed to create one massive Earth-sized telescope big enough to “see” at the edge of black holes.

I am also one of the authors of the scripts of the following videos, part of the ESO Cast Light series:

Science communication management for EU-funded projects

I have written the scripts of the videos in this section and overseen their production stages in close collaboration with professional video makers of ICONS and youris.com.

The following four videos feature the three Frontrunner cities of the URBAN GreenUP project (Valladolid, Liverpool and Izmir) and their implementation of Nature-Based Solutions, and the strategy for the development of Renaturing Urban Plans developed by the project:

I made the following videos to promote the Journalist-in-the-lab initiative, which I co-managed for the FETFX project:

The following video presents the ASTRABAT project:

The following video feature the seven cities in the STARDUST project (Cluj-Napoca, Derry, Kozani, Litomerice, Pamplona, Tampere and Trento) and their work to become smart and sustainable innovation hubs:

The following video presents the final results of the PROTON project:

The following call-to-action video invites key stakeholders to a series of workshops organised by the HOUSEFUL project to developed interventions aimed at making buildings more circular and sustainable:

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